Learn The Proper Prescription Of Probiotics In Gastrointestinal Diseases

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that the recovery of the absorption base is carried out by means of probiotics. However, out of 10 people who are overweight, 7 do not achieve it for this reason.

Current Ignorance and Lack of Information Regarding the Affectation of the Microbiota

It has prevented the nutrition professional from trying to develop strategies to improve the absorption base. 

Probiotic bacteria are the fundamental basis of human nutrition, by contributing to the improvement of the intestinal microbiota, thus allowing to strengthen the metabolism of macro and micronutrients of intermittent fasting as a nutritional strategy.
The inadequate approach that has been given to probiotics, without the management of each strain to be able to establish improvement in the microbiota.

That is why we have created this course so that you have a guide to the proper handling of probiotics, mainly in gastrointestinal diseases.

What does the course contain?

This course contains 3 modules in videos so you may repeat the videos as many times as necessary to better understand the contents and be able to finish it at your own pace.
You will have access for life to the course, and all of its updates that are constantly made, which means that you will always have updated content.

Who will be your instructor?

Luis Miguel Becerra

- Nutritionist

- Dietician

- Digestive Immunology

- Master in Biological Medicine

- CPhd Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics




Very complete course. As a health professional, I did not have the knowledge and adequate tools to modulate the microbiota of the patients I attended, and thanks to this course, I managed my patients more comprehensively and achieved the results I expected from them. Dr. Miguel is an expert on the subject and explains the topics clearly and concisely. Without a doubt, 100% recommended.


General Practitioner

I had no idea of ​​the importance, millions of thanks. I recommend it. Very practical format to review and acquire knowledge to apply to patients who consult my office every day. The course was very practical and the experience was very pleasant.


Nutritionist and Dietitian

I have taken this course because, as a nutrition graduate, more and more patients were coming to my office due to gastrointestinal discomfort, intolerances and allergies, and I did not know before how I could modulate and solve these problems with probiotic therapy. Thanks.

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Module 1

Introduction to the course

1. Introduction

2. Generalities of probiotics.

3. Bacteria in humans.

4. What do probiotic bacteria do?

5. Probiotics in the newborn.

Module 2

Evidence for Probiotics

1. Microbiota and pathologies.

2. Microbiota in different tissues of the human being.

3. Evidence in obesity, pancreatitis and Alzheimer's.

Module 3


1. Indication and strains.

2. New techniques.

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Probiotic Prescription Guide

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1. Introduction to Probiotics
2. Evidence for Probiotics
3. Prescription
Certificate of completion
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Bonus #2 - Prescription Guide

Bonus #3 - Downloadable Materials

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What happens if I have doubts during the course?

Our advisors will always be there for our students and be able to manage their doubts or required material with the expert teacher.

What happens after I pay?

You will automatically receive an email with which you made the payment with your access to the platform and the course.

When does the course start and when does it end?

The course starts when you sign up and never ends! It is completely online and at your own pace, you decide when to watch it.

How long will I have access to the program?

With a single payment you will have lifetime access to the course information and all future updates.

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