3 Benefits you didn't know about intermittent fasting

Did you know out of 10 people who practice intermittent fasting, only 7 do so without any guidance from a nutritionist?

Did you ever ask yourself why some people find it so easy to lose weight, while you've done everything and can't lose a single kilo?

Probably you have already noticed that losing weight is not as easy as it looks. The rebound effect or the anxiety and compulsive hunger for treats and sweets , all of this greatly affects the minds of those who are trying to lose weight

Incapable of closing your mouth, low self esteem, and always ashamed of taking your close off in any situation. Do you identify with this situation?

Did you try everything to lose weight and nothing worked?

Do you feel that you do not have the necessary discipline to achieve it and blame yourself for that?

If I told you it's possible to lose weight quickly without giving up eating your favorite foods and in a healthy way, would you believe me?

If you are like 99% of people who suffer from trying to lose weight and have tried  everything, without success, here we are to change it.

We had a student who made the decision to apply intermittent fasting to obtain results both physically and for a healthy lifestyle 

She wanted to apply intermittent fasting but didn't know how  Most of the scientific evidence is in English and she wasn't sure she chose the right way to do it on her own. 

Online, many people try to find how to follow intermittent fasting, without understanding the real science behind it. Which means not being able to obtain desired results, and not knowing its contradictions. 


 How to apply Intermittent Fasting as a Nutritional Protocol for Body Composition, Prevention and Treatment of Diseases, AND as an Anti-Age Strategy AS WELL.

That is why we created this course WITH AN INFALLIBLE SYSTEM to have a guide for the proper management of intermittent fasting as a nutritional strategy.

This course has 7 modules in videos so you may repeat the videos as many times as necessary to better understand the contents and be able to finish it at your own pace.

Take advantage of the 75% discount. It's for a limited time

Take advantage of the 75% discount. It's for a limited time

What does the course contain?

This course has 7 modules in videos so you may repeat the videos as many times as necessary to better understand the contents and be able to finish it at your own pace.
You will have access for life to the course, and all of its updates that are constantly made, which means that you will always have updated content.

Who will be your instructor ? 

Benjamín Francisco Ramirez

-Nutritionist Dietitian "Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

- PhD. Chronic diseases.

- Doctor in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition.

- Author of the book "Isolation of carbohydrates".

- Best health professional 2014


Mary Caicedo

Dietitian Nutritionist

I thought it was a fitness fashion like many trends that influencers are currently wearing. 

But the teacher takes the subject so deeply that it changes that thought. 



Essential for anyone who wants to take control of their health. Clear, emphatic and extremely easy to understand...you couldn't ask for more. If you are interested in this topic (taking control of your health) I suggest you take this course.

Daniel Nelson

Sports Physician

One of the best investments I made in quarantine. If you need to understand the subject quickly and from the hand of a professional, this is a good option.

Are You Ready To Have Advanced Knowledge Of This Nutritional Strategy?



1. Introduction to course and glossary.

2. Body composition.

3. Prescription and diet. 


1. Intermittent fasting as medical therapy for chronic diseases.

2. Fasting 16/8 in chronic diseases.

3. Anti-aging and longevity nutrition.


1. Fasting for activity, exercise, and sport.

2. Sport in which you can and cannot fasted.

3. Biochemical and molecular bases of fasting.

4. Conclusions.

Get your certificate in intermittent fasting

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Are you ready to have advanced knowledge of this nutritional strategy?


Exclusive Bonuses and 75% Discount Only Available for a Limited Time

75% Discount Only Available for a Limited Time

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1. Body Composition
2. Prescription And Diet
3. For Chronic Diseases
4. Anti-Aging And Longevity
5. For exercise and sports
6. Biochemical and Molecular Bases Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion
Bonus #1 - Downloadable Materials
Bonus #2 - Fasting Guide
Bonus #3 - Vip Membership

Try it Risk-Free!

By acquiring this program you have an unconditional 7-day satisfaction GUARANTEE, if for any reason it does not meet your expectations, it is not what you expect or you simply don't like it, you can request a 100% refund of your money back  AND YOU STAY  WITH THE FREE COURSE. You will not have to give justifications or fill out complicated forms with uncomfortable questions.


Can fasting fit into my schedule?

In the course there is a module that explains each type and time slot of intermittent fasting so that you can adapt it to your schedule.

I am hypertensive, can I do intermittent fasting?

There is a module in the course that explains how it should be applied if there is an underlying condition or disease. The time and recommended times for fasting will also be explained in detail.

Will clinical cases be seen in the course?

Yes. The professor spends a lot of time reviewing clinical cases of different diseases and the application of intermittent fasting.

What happens if I have doubts during the course?

Our advisors will always be there for our students and be able to manage their doubts or required material with the expert teacher.

What happens after I pay?

You will automatically receive an email with which you made the payment with your access to the platform and the course.

When does the course start and when does it end?

The course starts when you sign up and never ends! It is completely online and at your own pace, you decide when to watch it.

How long will I have access to the program?

With a single payment you will have lifetime access to the course information and all future updates.

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